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Stretch and Strengthen Fusion Fitness Workout

Eight exercises, each based on Pilates, Yoga and Resistance Training, target your abs, legs, arms, back, posture, balance, flexibility and joints. Rather than lifting weights or twisting into difficult positions, all the benefits of each fitness regime is realized through the use of a balancing ball, a 2-pound palm-size sculpting ball, and a resistance toning cord with handles. There is even a door attachment for the toning cord so that you may do additional exercises, or exercise when away from home and your balancing ball.

All of these accessories come in one box and a foot pump is also supplied to blow up the ball. A DVD with eight guided multi-accessory exercises slowly takes you through the more complex moves. Two posters are also included. One poster shows twelve exercises using only the balancing ball, and another poster shows ten exercises using only the 2-pound palm-size sculpting ball.

Filmed overlooking the ocean, the mood is serene and unhurried, and this is reflected in the pacing and repetition of each exercise. There is plenty of time to get into position, and do each exercise without rushing. The verbal descriptions match the action of each move and once you are familiar with a move, only the voice would be needed to guide you.

The names of the eight exercises on the DVD are: Inner Thigh Toner, Pelvic Press, Leg Curl, Back Extension, Cross Crawl, Pilates Pullover, Chest Press/Fly and Twist and Punch.

Eventually you could do all eight exercises from memory and add in any other exercises that you want or have time for from the two posters. If you started with either of the other two Fusion Fitness workouts, you will also have access to a stretchy band and a figure-8 band for a complete and portable workout that you can structure to fit your needs and schedule.

The eight exercises shown on this DVD require some muscle tone and balance as you are sometimes required to hold a two-pound weight between your thighs or knees while leaning back against the balancing ball. Although none of these moves require endurance, stamina or extreme strength, they have a level of balance and muscle control that a beginner could feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with. That does not mean that a beginner could not do the poster exercises, which only require one accessory at a time. Those exercises, coupled with either the Easy Starter Fusion Fitness Workout or the Stretch and Strengthen Fusion Fitness Workout would soon have a confident beginner comfortable with the DVD exercises shown in this more advanced program.

We like that the accessories and exercises are simple, but that the benefits are big. At no time is the pace frantic, the weights too heavy or the positions too complex. Once you add in a balancing ball and another simple accessory or two the results increase simply because you are using more muscles than you ordinarily would in other exercise regimens.

A great concept! Fusion Fitness is versatile, portable, easy to do when your balance and coordination are developed, is calm and quiet, and yet gives multiple results. We think that this is the very best way for a very diverse amount of people to exercise easily and effectively.

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