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Easy Starter Fusion Fitness

What is Fusion Fitness? It is the best of Pilates, Yoga and Resistance Training all in one exercise approach. Calm and controlled, you will get a thorough routine that targets all parts of your body, without pounding aerobics, odd positions or heavy weights.

The Easy Starter comes with an inflatable exercise ball (and foot pump to inflate it with), a DVD of exercises and a bright yellow stretchy band. The only accessory that we would recommend is a Yoga or Pilates mat to put the ball on for slip-proof confidence.

The DVD starts with a 6-minute warm-up. All you need to do is stand in one place and rotate and flex ankles, wrists, arms, neck etc. You are led through it at a comfortable pace and it requires no energy or strength. The female voice is easy and calm and each direction is clear and matches the visuals of the woman on the screen. The warm up is thorough and could also be used alone in the morning as a wakeup up stretch, or in the evening to gently de-stress and loosen muscles. The location of the filming overlooks the ocean and the view and feeling are serene.

There are only five exercises in this Easy Starter package: Hip Abduction, Front Raise, Biceps Curl, Leg Press and Chest Opener.

The first four exercises are all done sitting on the ball and using the yellow stretch band in various ways. While the concept is simple, sitting on the ball forces you to balance, use internal muscles and have good posture. The stretchy band allows you to work arms or legs in various directions and positions. The fifth exercise has you on your knees, your chest bending over and resting on the ball. You put the stretchy band behind your back and pull on the band.

Whether sitting on the ball, or bending over it, you are gently using muscles to balance. As you work with the stretchy band in the various exercises, you are getting the benefits of resistance training. None of it is difficult or requires strength or endurance, and yet you are getting a workout that targets your legs, arms and stomach muscles, while improving your flexibility and coordination, improving your posture and balance and releasing tension. If you are familiar with the size of a Yoga or Pilates mat, you don’t need any more floor space than that.

No special clothing is needed, the ball and band fit in a closet and in the privacy of your home or office, you can stop doing an exercise whenever you have had too much. If you haven’t exercised in a while, this is definitely the program to start with as it is gently paced, easy and calm, and yet still gives results. Develop your balance and muscles with this easy to follow routine, and then, when you want more definition and challenge, move up to one of the other programs.

A small poster is also included. On it you will see 12 exercises that can be done just using the ball alone. Some of the exercise names are: Hip Stretch, Arm and Leg Raise, Shoulder and Chest Stretch and Leg Stretch. Simple numbered instructions and two photographs per exercise show you clearly how to use just the ball and still get results.

We think this is the best idea we’ve seen in exercise. The best of Yoga, Pilates and Resistance Training: all easily achieved with a ball and a stretchy band!

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