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Ease of Being CD
Heart of Healing


There is a sweet simplicity to this CD. Through guided meditation, it takes you through three gentle stages: a 17-minute centering meditation called Silence, an 18-minute healing meditation called Allowing, and a 16-minute emotional healing meditation called Flowing Freely.

The first meditation gently guides you to finding that part of you that is whole and calm: your center. With a soothing voice you are led to the moment, space and place that you know is your true essence. It is your perfect place of peace and you reach it easily.

The second portion of the CD is a healing meditation. The calm voice guides you to accept yourself and any thoughts or emotions. Thoughts become calm, emotions become accepted, and healing takes place. You find yourself relaxing and you are at peace with your place in the world.

The third meditation guides you in how your emotions ebb and flow, and how you can easily let go of disturbing and draining emotions, taking on feelings of ease, cleansing and relaxation.

At the end of the CD you find yourself more relaxed accepting and understanding of yourself and others. Somehow, little upsets are not so upsetting anymore and you are refreshed and relieved ….and feel parts of you healed.

It is amazing how just listening to someone’s voice can relax you, make you feel better about yourself and others, and refresh your spirit and outlook. But it is no wonder, as the gentle, guiding voice has been leading people to find the light in themselves for over thirty years. If you want more peace within…this is a lovely CD that easily gives you calm and acceptance of yourself, and your emotions. Lovely!


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