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Beef Franks

Beef Franks Plain - 1 pound package
US Wellness Meats

From the start, this product is different. No red coloring. These franks are a shade of brown, and the casing is just visible at either end. Longer than regular hot dogs, and larger around, you think great, there’s value here. It’s when you cut into these franks and taste them that you know that not only is this the best you have eaten; it is unlike any other. They have an incredibly thick and meaty consistency, great flavor, crisps in its own fat, and only has healthy ingredients.

Made from grass-fed beef, without animal by-products, hormones, irradiation, or antibiotics, this product only contains beef, water, salt, spices, paprika, beet powder, dehydrated garlic and onion. This is a sugar-free, nitrate and nitrite free frank. It’s cancer fighting CLA levels are high, and its Omega 6:3 ratio is comparable to fish without the mercury.

Each frank is more like a dense sausage with a hearty beef flavor, and perfectly seasoned. These don’t need to ‘plump’ when you cook them because they are already plump in size, but without fillers or injections of water. The liquid that runs from them, and that you may see on the outside of the franks is natural fat.

I cooked the franks three different ways: boiled, pan-fried and broiled. Boiling gave a beefy flavored, dense meat experience, the casing mostly being off. Broiling left some fat in the pan and gave a slightly drier but still wonderful frank. Pan-frying gave the best result of all: a crispy exterior, browned and seasoned in its own fat, and still the dense, almost beef sausage-like consistency: the pan smells like you cooked a steak.

No runny, injected pink juices are left on your plate and every mouthful is a flavorful beef experience. This is the best beef frank that I have ever tasted, and due to their richness, they could be used in dozens of ways: casseroles, stews, sauces, with cheese and crackers, and of course on a bun…they’re really wonderful.


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