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A Perfect Pear Cinnamon Maple Syrup

Cinnamon Pear Maple Syrup
A Perfect Pear


I love cinnamon, but I wasn’t prepared for just how great maple syrup, cinnamon and pear was going to taste and smell as a combination! Oh my it’s good!

On coconut milk pancakes and it was an outrageously wonderful mixture, until we tasted it over homemade vanilla ice cream!

Then, the owner and creator of this spectacular cinnamony concoction told us to be sure and try her very special martini: a Pear-tini! Suffice to say that you could eat it with a spoon if you weren’t so busy licking the brown sugar off the rim of the martini glass! 12-ounces of decadence and too many ways to use it: let me count the ways!

Close your eyes and you are taken back to childhood days of cinnamon toast…except better. Put it on ice cream and you have the adult, gourmet rendition of an ice cream sundae. Mix it with Vodka and Vermouth and you will willingly die to stay in this syrup fantasy heaven! Yes, put it on pancakes, but with this gourmet maple syrup, you’ll want it in and on new vehicles of your own imagination.

The ingredients are maple syrup, fresh from a Vermont farm, cinnamon and pear. The syrup is dark and pours easily as well as being Kosher certified with no preservatives. This purity makes this gourmet maple syrup a Pure-Zing delight!

Don’t keep this as a back of the shelf special item and only pull it out for guests and special Sundays. Indulge yourself in this one, a lot…and be sure and try the Peartini!

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