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Little Yogis Volume 1

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This is not serious, mystical, contemplative adult yoga, but an easy, fun, colorful and imaginative way to encourage kids to exercise. Yes, the exercises are yoga postures, but every one of them is themed to an animal or a simple story. The cases say that this is for ages 3-8. If your three year old can pay attention, then they could have fun, otherwise, we think 5-11 year olds will not only enjoy both of these presentations, but also benefit from them. Both cases have colorful stickers and a book inside. Each book covers the postures with the use of fun, cartoon-like drawings that are also seen on each DVD. Both DVD’s are award winning.

Volume 1 starts off with ‘Balloon Belly Breathing’ and gently explains how we get oxygen from the plants, but we give them back much needed carbon dioxide. Immediately, the theme is set for children that plants, animals and humans all co-exist. The other postures in this volume are Butterfly Wings, Cat and Dog Stretch, Cobra, Lion Roar, Mountain, Tree, Bridge and Rocking Beetle. Each exercise is introduced with a colorful cartoon showing animal characters, a short song explaining what the animal is doing, and the words to the song on the screen. Calm, beautiful, soft and yet still fun, the children doing the exercises with the teacher are having a good time and gaining an awareness of their bodies as well as nature through the different gentle stretches.

These DVD’s are light, fun, easy…. and yet great exercise. Each posture is done at a slow enough speed to talk the child through it, and only lasts for a few minutes. Each stretch is named, and the theme of it is shown in a cartoon, which precedes the children and teacher doing it on mats in a beautiful setting by the ocean.

Each DVD lasts about 30 minutes and is gentle and entertaining. PureZing thinks both of these DVD’s are fun and yet effective. Parents could easily do these exercises with their children and benefit as well. A great introduction to yoga and exercise, these charming DVD’s could well be the beginning of a positive attitude towards health that lasts a lifetime.

For Volume 2, click here.

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