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Organic Pillows

Organic Pillows
No Feathers Please


Kapok. You may have heard the name, but do you know what it is? It is the softest, most feathery, down-like material that we have ever touched! WOW! Why use Kapok in a pillow? Because it is the natural, hypoallergenic, organic and vegan alternative to down feathers.

Kapok feels like down (without the little quill ends that sometimes poke out of a down pillow) and it also has a gentle, bounce-back quality to it that makes it ‘fluffable.’ Kapoc is from the flower of a fruit tree and has the feel of silk. Run your hands through it and it is so soft and fluffy that you almost don’t feel anything! Now, doesn’t that sound dreamy enough to lay your head on? Oh yes!

This supplier makes Kapok pillows with a 100% organic damask pillow cover that can easily be spot cleaned. You can choose your fill according to your sleep requirements: light, regular or heavy. If you are a back sleeper you will want a lighter fill, and if you are a side sleeper you will want a heavier fill.

This pillow is available in five different sizes, including boudoir, throw and even a child’s pillow. Once you feel the sink into silk softness of this pillow, you will want several of them: a small one for the car, one for your chaise or lounge chair and a few to sink into when you sleep. These Kapok pillows are absolutely dreamy!



Some of us just don’t want all that fluff though! Give me something to support my head, give me a gentle but soft firmness that I can count my sheep on!

But wait! Did you ever consider what that foam pillow is made of? How about chemicals that leech fumes while you sleep? Ever heard of benzene or toluene? Toss the toxic, and find out what pure, chemical-free formed rubber or shredded rubber pillows feel like!

Irritant-free and without toxic fumes, this is the pillow that gives you the kind of gentle firmness that you want. Your sleep is better, your breathing is better and if you choose the formed pillow, your neck is supported at the correct angle to alleviate any neck problems you may have.

Some people like the shredded rubber pillow as they can form it to suit themselves: making nests in which to place their heads. This pillow almost has the feel of down: soft but with just the right amount of resistance and it can be washed in the washer and dried in the dryer!

Either pillow comes with an organic knit cover that is washable, and both are available in an assortment of standard sizes.

Whether you like soft as a cloud of silk Kapok, or soft resistance rubber, both pillows are natural and will promote healthy breathing and sleep. Remember, you spend 30% of your life sleeping. Every minute of sleep should be PURE pleasure. Make sure it is Pure Zing, by getting the perfect, natural pillow that you can count…sheep on!

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