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Organic Cotton and Merino Wool Blankets

Organic Cotton and Merino Wool Blankets
No Feathers Please


We know that it sounds trite, but really, photographs do NOT do these soft and sophisticated blankets justice! Unless you have been around 100% Australian Merino wool blankets, and 100% certified organic cotton woven blankets before, you will be utterly astonished at how elegant, soft, rich and yet light these stunning blankets are!

First, the super soft and feathery light Merino wool blankets! Oh my! For those unfamiliar with organic Merino wool, it is considered the finest wool in the world: cozy in winter and absolutely cool in the summer, this wool adapts to your body temperature and wicks away any moisture so that you always remain dry and perfectly comfortable. We love that it does not harbor molds or bacteria, and that they are easy to wash and maintain.

The two colors available are natural and a pale sage…and you can get them in a crib size all the way up to King Size. This is the kind of blanket that dreams are made of: so super soft, light and cuddly… they really, really make you want to take a nap! Get one for yourself…and one for someone you love: you will be remembered each night, and each morning!

The 100% organic cotton blankets are simply elegant! It will be hard for you to decide whether you want the intricate diamond patterned crocheted weave blanket, the minimalist and almost contemporary pebble weave, or the sophisticated crepe weave blanket. Each one is woven, not knit, and has its own distinct look and texture.

The important thing to know about these airy-light blankets is that there is not one bit of pesticides or chemicals in them. These are ORGANIC cotton, and are pesticide and chemical free! You can’t say that about any other cotton…as those with sensitivities will attest to!

The feel of these blankets are soooo soft, and incredibly light. They are like a whisper and would be ideal for those that only want the hint of a blanket or who do not like weight on them while they sleep. The five colors are obtained from natural dyes and chemical-free processes and the blankets wash like a dream! These weaves are sturdy and do not stretch and get droopy so that they will look fresh and new for years.

Our whole team is SO impressed with these gorgeous blankets! Whether you want the soft as down Merino wool, or the light as air elegant organic cotton weave blankets, you won’t be disappointed! They are all the best of the best: stunning, clean and Pure Zing!

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