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26 Ounce Herb Garden Soy Candle
26 Ounce Herb Garden Soy Candle
Pure Integrity Soy Candles

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The owners and creators of this candle line were not only looking for the cleanliness of soy wax, but were determined to create candles that were the most intensely fragrant candles available. They developed a special process that sneaks 30% more essential oils into their candles…and you can really smell and appreciate the difference! This is a superior fragrance candle!

At 5 1/2 inches high, this is the largest container candle that they produce, and also the one that throws the most fragrance into a room or open area. If you have an open floor plan this candle will give you the abundant fragrance results that you have been looking for, with 120 hours of aromatic burn time.

The glass jar is frosted and there is a wooden lid that will keep the candle clean and fresh between uses. This larger size also means a much longer candle life: up to 120 hours. So if you light candles when the sun goes down and snuff them late at night, every night, this candle is the one for you to purchase as it will last and last and last!

For an every season, not too light, not too heavy, all around amaZing fragrance, Pure Zing loves Herb Garden. When we ordered it, we thought that it was going to be grassy and herbal fresh, but instead, it is mellow and subtle. No matter what season you think of when you are inhaling this soft fragrance…you know it will be the perfect fragrance for that time of year!

No matter whether you like light or heavy fragrances…Herb Garden will suit you perfectly! There is an equal amount of spice to floral…as well as a balance of fresh to rich! Sound confusing? This fragrance is literally everything…all at the same time! This is a woman’s fragrance…but men like it just as much as the women do. This is perfect for daytime…as well as being a lovely evening aroma.

In other words, you need to try this fragrance! No matter who you are, or what your aroma preferences are…you will undoubtedly love this scent! In fact, this is the perfect candle to give as a gift…as you literally can’t go wrong with it!

If you love candles, get the Herb Garden scent in this 26-ounce size and revel day in and day out in how perfect it is: everyday, everywhere….for anyone!


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