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16 Ounce Vanilla Soy Candle
Pure Integrity Soy Candles

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When a poll was conducted concerning scents, it was found that vanilla was a favorite scent of both men and women. It evoked pleasant childhood memories, and elicited warm feelings and positive responses in everyone questioned: everyone LOVES Vanilla!

Vanilla is the scent of bakeries and homemade sugar cookies. It is the scent base that is used in many popular fragrances for both men and women…and it is the scent that we think of when we think of warmth, comfort and peace. Nothing could ever seem to go wrong when the scent of vanilla is in the air!

Not too sweet and very clean and clear smelling, this Vanilla candle fragrance is one that you’ll love inhaling deeply. The pale cream color as well as the smooth and delicious fragrance makes it a candle that will fit into any room or situation. It will evoke sweet slumber in a bedroom, warmly welcome guests at the door, make your kitchen the center of attention…and sweetly fragrance a summer’s eve on the patio.

The 16-ounce size of candle is perfect for larger spaces: this super attractive and popular scent will easily float to other rooms…and fill large open spaces. This candle has a burn time of 75 hours and is made of pure soy wax and pure essential oils. No soot will coat your walls or be inhaled as soy burns cleanly and clearly: the flame of a soy candle even burns brighter!

The owners and creators of these candles have perfected a secret method of getting 30% more scent into each of their candles so that your rooms attain the level of fragrance that you have always desired…but could never find before! Other candle makers cannot achieve this level of fragrance because normally, only so much scent will fit into soy wax…and no more. When you smell the aromas of any of the 60+ scents available in this stunning line, you will find that their fragrance is not only more ‘true’ and clean, but definitely stronger than other candles.

Whether you prefer ‘baking’ scents, ‘fruit’ scents, ‘floral’, ‘contemporary’ or ‘sophisticated, you will find a fragrance choice to suit either your needs, your rooms or the season. Each candle is enclosed in a frosted jar with a wooden lid so that you can keep the candle clean, travel with it…or leave the lid off to perfume the room even when the candle is not lit.

The whole Pure Zing team LOVES this line of candles, no matter the size! We know that they are Pure Zing….give them a try and you will know too!

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