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Rewarewa Honey

Rewarewa Honey
Natural Kiosk

This ultra-thick, slightly red, taffy colored honey from New Zealand tastes like a combination of whipped honey and caramel! You know that rich, almost buttery flavor that makes your mouth water and your eyes close as it slowly melts on your tongue and you are enveloped by the soft sweetness? This is the natural version of whipped honey and it is every bit as wonderful tasting…and so much better for you!

Rewarewa is the New Zealand Honeysuckle tree. Its flowers are red and distinctive and the honey that the bees produce from it is rich in hydrogen peroxide. There is no taste to hydrogen peroxide, you just taste rich and wonderful honey, but the health benefits of this by-product are enormous.

Hydrogen peroxide helps your body to repair cells, while eliminating sick cells. This honey is being studied in New Zealand for further benefits, but it has been used for centuries in healing skin problems, killing bacteria and aiding in wound healing.

A lovely, rich, thick, fragrant honey, this can happily be eaten from a spoon or used to cook with. Our team found several references to the use of this honey in both sweet and savory recipes, as well as in oriental dishes.

You cannot see through this honey. Do not expect the boiled, watered down, filtered and generally useless honey that you find on most grocery store shelves. This is honey at its finest: in flavor as well as in health benefits.

Be sure and use this honey as a sweetener for tea and lemonade, tuck some inside a flaky croissant, use it in a marinade for beef or chicken, add it to frostings and in batters for cookies and brownies. This is the sweet in Sweet and Sour Chicken, and the memorable Zing on great granola with cream. You will absolutely love this honey...and this honey will reward you with true healthy goodness. Pure, Pure Zing!

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