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Manuka honey

Manuka Honey
Natural Kiosk

Natural Kiosk: Manuca Honey
This is the most outstanding honey in the world, and very few Americans know about it, or its healing properties. Used by hospitals, the topical use of this on wounds or infections, plus the internal use by eating it, can literally heal and make you healthier!
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This is not your crystal clear, strained and boiled honey that you find in a plastic bear jar. This honey looks like dark toffee; thick and with a distinctive flavor that has just the tiniest hint of spice to it.

What is so special about Manuka honey? It has antibacterial properties that are far superior to any other type of honey. Bees create this honey from the Manuka bush, a shrub in New Zealand that is of the tea tree family, and which only blooms for three weeks in the entire year.

Most of you are familiar with the incredible healing powers of tea tree, and the honey from this shrub is no exception. It can be taken internally, or even applied externally to wounds, bites, infections and cuts.

This honey is in a 1.1-pound dark brown plastic jar. As you only need a teaspoon for any health purpose, this jar will last you quite some time. As a sweetener, this will taste wonderful in tea, lemonade or on a fresh scone or croissant, and the health benefits of consistent consumption of this rich honey are well-known.

Manuka is tested and graded according to its UMF (unique Manuka factor) which identifies how strong each Manuka’s antibacterial content is. Anything rated over a 10 is considered medical grade honey which means that it is effective at treating fairly serious conditions.

This honey does not have a rating and can be used as a healthy sweetener. Even though it does not have a UMF number, it still contains antibacterial qualities and can be an effective digestive aid, skin soother and mild antibacterial poultice for minor cuts, bites and abrasions.

Very sweet, a little of this honey goes a long way! If you are looking for as healthy a natural sweetener as you can get…try Manuka honey. From New Zealand, this honey has not been boiled, pasteurized or treated in any way that would lessen the efficacy of this valuable honey. Our team knows that once you taste this, it will be hard to settle for just any honey out there!

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