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Strawberry Amaretto  Conserve

Strawberry Amaretto Conserve
Vermont Harvest

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Positively THICK with fruit and TONS of almonds -- this is not like your mother’s conserve, unless she packs her jars with Amaretto and stuffs them with strawberries and raisins and too many almond slivers to count!

This would be divine over ice cream, dripping from a stack of pancakes and glistening from the top of cream cheese. This is the type of magic in a jar that makes you look like you slaved for hours! The flavor is spicy and the consistency is thick and syrupy…and the jar is overflowing with chunky ingredients. All you have to do is open the jar, spoon it over something and get RAVE reviews! Better hide the jar because this is the type of product that mysteriously disappears overnight…only a scraped jar and a spoon on the countertop are witness to ‘food robbers’ that broke in during the night.

The creators suggest that you put this over cheesecake and frozen yogurt. I would add this to your ice cream maker too to create a super rich new flavor, as well as put this in thin, rolled crepes. Yet, you should also pour it over angel food cake or pound cake. Save me! The flavor and texture are incredible enough…but the visions of how to use this rich and spicy and CHUNKY conserve are really getting to me!

You will adore all 8-ounces! The ingredients are simple but divine when combined: strawberries, sugar, raisins, amaretto, almonds, lemon juice, pectin and spices. Better get several jars if you have a sweet tooth as this will go fast! Sophisticated - this will dress up even the plainest pastry or ice cream and make it taste heavenly. Be sure to try this as it’s Pure Zing!

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