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Hot Pepper Sauce

Hot Pepper Sauce
Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet


Our ‘heat experts’ LOVED this hot pepper sauce! Visions of wings, Bloody Mary’s, spicy eggs, steaks and other gourmet ‘things’ danced in their heads as they smacked their lips and tasted this over and over. They were fascinated that the heat was not blistering, but that it developed over time and lasted quite a while. Although they could smell the fruit in this sauce, they could not taste it…but there was a rich flavor that kept them coming back for more.

Yes, this is hot… 7-8 on a scale of 10 being the hottest, but it is so full of flavor that they couldn’t get enough! If you love hot, then you will love this tropical hot sauce made with Scotch Bonnet peppers, papaya, onion, vinegar, salt and spices. Pretty simple, huh? But simply delicious!

This 5-ounce bottle does not use tomatoes, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, MSG or preservatives. Kosher and all natural, this fiery but flavorful pepper sauce can Zing up sauces, soups, stews, beverages, appetizers and entrees. One drop for the cautious types and teaspoons or tablespoons for the heat lovers, this sauce will bring out the tropical heat in cheese, beef, chicken, fish or pork. If you have a cold, it is also a great sinus clearer!

The owner has a simple recipe called Nature Isle Hot Dip that only takes three ingredients! Be sure and check it out and at your next party dip cocktail sausages, appetizer meatballs and wings in it!

This is NOT your regular hot sauce! Although this has a Caribbean kick that you won’t soon forget, spice up your Mexican, Latin or Asian food with it too. If you love hot sauce, then you’ll LOVE this Pure and Zingy Hot Pepper Sauce from the islands. Our team of ‘heat experts’ says that its Purely ZINGY!

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