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Chocolate Prescription

Chocolate Prescription – One Week Prescription
Chocolate Prescription

Now this is the ONLY prescription anyone should be taking every day! I know that sounds trite, but think about it….would you rather take a daily dose of heart-healthy chocolate and prevent problems, or would you rather force down yucky chemicals to treat the symptoms of disease?

Personally, I would rather have this gorgeous box of REAL chocolate in front of me than a bottle of pills. The box is long and slender and contains seven 1-ounce bars of wrapped 72% cacao: one for each day of the week. Each bar is nestled in its own spot in the box…under a label that says Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday….or any other day of the week. With this presentation, there is never any forgetting whether or not you have had your daily dose of chocolate! Not that you could ever forget experiencing this chocolate, but at least the daily label keeps you honest!

The chocolate is dark, super rich and snappy. What we mean by that is that when you take a bite of the bar, it has a satisfying snap to it that gives your mouth plenty to chew on. This is not a soft chocolate but a real bar that lasts, tastes amaZing and gives you true pleasure.

We love the tag line of Chocolate Prescription: eat chocolate, live long, love deeply. Normally when we eat chocolate we don’t think of those sentiments, but that is really what this chocolate is all about. Considering that REAL chocolate is so good for your health, the creators of this product want you to take ultimate pleasure in your daily chocolate bar and to slowly contemplate the lovely ways that chocolate impacts our lives. We give chocolates as an expression of love and caring. We receive sensuous pleasure from the flavor and its melting qualities, and now we know that it is also good for our health. Savor the aroma of a high cacao chocolate. Enjoy the snap and the bite of it…and then let it melt in your mouth. Take a moment for yourself each day and unwrap a bar of high quality chocolate and immerse yourself in the chocolate experience: it’s GOOD for you!

The ingredients are simple and result in a simply divine deep chocolate experience: bittersweet chocolate. Yes… that is what is in this bar! Bittersweet chocolate. To make bittersweet chocolate you use chocolate liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin and vanilla. The result is a deep chocolate, thick and embossed with a gorgeous pattern that almost looks like a Moroccan tile. This is not kid’s sweet milk chocolate, but a bittersweet chocolate that is sophisticated and irresistible!

Some people take their pills in the morning. We think that’s a good way to start the day. Be like the brilliant Dutch people who start their day with a big piece of chocolate! Be like the French who drink a big bowl of chocolate milk in the morning! Instead of caffeine from coffee, enjoy some natural caffeine from chocolate and start your day with richness, pleasure and just a little bit of indulgence. Be good to yourself and EAT CHOCOLATE!

Write yourself a prescription of health, love and enjoyment! Get a 1 week or 4 week prescription of heart-healthy chocolate and then totally and thoroughly enjoy each daily dose, each and every bite. No guilt! Allow yourself to indulge in a quiet and contemplative moment of indulgence that is good for your soul, your emotions, your outlook and your health. Chocolate is the nectar of the Gods. Now it can be your daily nectar. Order several boxes of this wonderful chocolate - you’ll NEVER regret it ‘cause it’s PURE ZING!

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