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Wise Woman Toner
Expectantly Lovely Facial Toner
Garden of Eve Skincare

I’ve been using Garden of Eve’s Expectantly Lovely duo of Facial Toner and Face Crème for a few months, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed. Usually, when I switch my facial routine products, I have to contend with several weeks’ worth of epidermal outrage! My cheeks and chin decide to raise little red hands of protest at the newest application of miracle ‘stuffs’ from the department store. The skin on my face likes the familiar…and obviously, Garden of Eve’s Eve made sure her products contain only those things that are familiar to all of us. In other words, there aren’t ingredients in her products that have seventeen syllables. Hooray for that! Here is the list of very pronounceable and good-for-you ingredients: Steam distilled hydrosols (aka Floral Waters) of Organic Neroli and Lavender. How lovely and how good for your skin!

Garden of Eve Expectantly Lovely Facial Toner (2 ounces per bottle) is a light substance that can be applied via the spray bottle it comes in. No cotton ball required! This toner, resembling plain water, prepares your skin to receive a moisturizer…and the smell is a lovely combination of Neroli and Lavender. The scent was agreeable to my persnickety senses, but my husband recoiled when he sniffed. Maybe he prefers the smell of turkey jerky? All the better: this is one body product that I don’t have to share!

While most women just apply toner after washing their face in the morning or evening, I have to admit, there were times after exercising that I just felt the need to spray my face with the toner…and it smelled and felt great. If you want the perfect accompaniment to this toner, be sure and try its companion moisturizer Expectantly Lovely Face Crème for truly lovely, soothing and glowing results!

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