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Neroli Blossom
Neroli Blossom Hydrosol
E.A.R.T.H. Products


It was hard to figure out where to put this product as it does so many things: great for your skin, soothing for your nerves, calming for your digestion, a light perfume and even a spray to enhance fruits and certain foods!

As it is so easy and such a delight to pick up this beautiful cobalt blue mist bottle, we reached for it often and found ourselves using it mostly for our skin. The delicate skin person in our group liked that it was gentle and soothing, the aroma-inclined in our group loved the fragrance and misted their whole body with it after a shower and others liked it under makeup or after shaving. The adventurous in the group, tried spraying it on sweet peaches and was convinced that it made them taste like they had honey on them. Our test dog Snorki was even misted…and smelled better for it!

Whichever way you most enjoy using this product, we have to tell you that it is absolutely the most lovely and unusual fragrance as it is a hydrosol of the neroli blossom.

A hydrosol is the liquid that is formed from the condensation of a steam distilled botanical element. In this case, the neroli blossom is put into a still, and the liquid vapor that it gives off contains all the aromatic and beneficial essences of neroli essential oil. This is not essential oil though, but rather the essence of it: safe to apply directly to the skin of children, and anyone with sensitive skin.

Although we were not in need of it, this hydrosol can also be used to calm digestive upsets, and soothe the nervous system. Stressed? Mist this on your face and neck and be calmed by more than just the fragrance. Used for centuries, hydrosols are gaining scientific recognition for their benefits and some families are finding this a natural way to address issues of ADHD.

This is available in a tuck it away 2-ounce bottle, but as you will find yourself reaching for it for so many purposes, we would recommend getting the 4-ounce size. Put one in your purse, briefcase, glove compartment, or desk drawer and soothe and refresh yourself with many mistings throughout the day. Keep one in the kitchen and spritz fruits and salads. Spray your pillow before sleep and freshen the air in a small room or bathroom. Slightly spicy and light, the men in our group also liked this as a cooling mist on a hot and humid day.

Purely lovely, this is bound to become a favorite of yours. No matter how you use it, you will use it often and with pleasure.


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