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Breath of Lavender
Breath of Lavender Hydrosol
E.A.R.T.H. Products


Hydrosols are really amazing. Vapors are collected from distilling plant material, like lavender, and the captured ‘water’ has a concentration of the plants oils and benefits! This is not water with essential oils added, but a distilled essence of the plant that is safe for external and internal use. The only ingredient is the distilled and collected vapor of fresh lavender.

Lavender hydrosol is beneficial for any type of skin: young, old, dry, normal, oily or even acne prone or sensitive skin. A true soother, healer and natural moisturizer, this hydrosol calms skin as it is absorbed.

But the PureZing team found uses for this hydrosol other than just soothing our heat or wind chafed skin. We researched hydrosol usage and found that it tasted great spritzed into ice cube water: the ice cubes tasting great in lavender lemonade! We added some to the rinse water of some lacy items and when dry they smelled heavenly. A dab on a cotton ball soothed a cut and a bug bite, and we perfumed our hair by spritzing it on freshly shampooed hair before drying.

On those ‘busy’ days, we misted the air around us and sat back for a few minutes enjoying the fragrance and the calming benefits. On a recent plane trip, the additional moisture felt good on our hands, faces and necks, and the people nearby liked the fragrance too!

After much usage by our team members, the last of the spray bottle was given to our mother and baby team members and it was a hit in soothing a sore bottom and misting in the room before a peaceful naptime.

We know that you will find your own uses for this lavender hydrosol. In a 2 or 4-ounce cobalt blue spray top bottle, the fragrance is spicy and strongly lavender, rather than sweet: remember, this is the essence that contains all the benefits, so the fragrance is differently lovely.

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