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Miracle ll Skin Moisturizer
Miracle ll Skin Moisturizer
Miracle Soap

Sometimes all you want is a no-nonsense, no frills, fragrance-free, not too heavy body / skin moisturizer. You don’t want greasy, expensive, heavily fragranced, and you certainly don’t want toxic or carcinogenic ingredients! Well, if you want simple but very effective, if you want gentle enough for a baby but nourishing enough for a man’s tough skin problems, then this moisturizing lotion is the one.

Both the men and women on our team like this lotion: light, effective, non-irritating, soaks in right away and it works! We also like that it is a carrier for any of the healing essential oil blends that this same company has created under the name Path to Perfect Health. Just put a few drops of the desired oil blend in your hand, add a little of this moisturizing lotion, rub your hands together and apply to the appropriate spot on your body…or all over your body. Both the oil and the lotion blend into your skin almost immediately.

As a general moisturizer, we have tried it on our faces, our elbows, knees and heels, on sunburns, after a bath or shower and each time, the feeling was that it was gentle, but still very effective. We literally would have no qualms applying it to a baby or child…we just didn’t have any accessible to apply it to! We think that this is really an all-purpose lotion for every part of your body and that you would find it the perfect lotion to have in your desk drawer, at the sink, beside your bed, in the workroom, with your gardening equipment, in the garage and even in your car. There is NO greasy feeling, which is a real boon if you want to grab a doorknob, type on your keyboard, cut and handle food, use a screwdriver or fasten a safety pin on diapers….all without your hands and fingers being slick or oily.

The ingredients are superb: only the purest and most beneficial, without any chemicals or toxins. Created by a man who was inspired by God to formulate the finest and most pure ingredients, the simple but effective contents are: spiritual and eloptic energized oxygenated water, cold pressed avocado, S-almond, B-almond, coconut oils and vitamin E. There are absolutely no animal or petroleum products in this lotion.

What is eloptic energized oxygenated water? It is a process whereby water is tuned to vibrate at the same frequency as Aloe Vera: by passing an electrical charge through the water molecules. This is the same process that dentists and doctors use to sterilize instruments: the water molecule being charged at a certain frequency to kill germs and bacteria. Due to the energized, oxygenated water, this lotion also detoxifies your skin as it deeply moisturizes. Now that’s a terrific lotion!

Available in an 8-ounce size, 22-ounce or gallon bottle, you can purchase a pump top from the supplier, or just use the flip top to dispense as much of this concentrated lotion as you want. Simple, but simply wonderful, this is the perfect no-nonsense lotion for just about any skin moisturizing and detoxifying needs that you can think of. That is certainly Pure Zing!

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