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Laundry Detergent
The Allergy Relief Center

Product no longer available


Whether you have allergies or not, you are going to want to know about this laundry detergent. You see, we’re all sleeping with, eating near and walking over dust mites, mold, pollen and dander: all that stuff that you don’t want to think about! You may not sneeze or break out in hives but consider that every one of us inhales their waste! One gram of dust in your home and in your fabrics can contain 250,000 of their easily airborne waste ‘pellets’. You would cringe if you saw a picture of even one dust mite!

SO, this great detergent actually KILLS the critters, neutralizes all their bad stuff, and does it in a way that is friendly to you, the water and the environment. Thank goodness! I don’t know of any other detergent that can get rid of the bad guys like this detergent does!

So what does it contain? This amazing detergent contains protein denaturants and LINALOOL, which helps kill not only dust mites, but also their allergy causing proteins (from their digestive juices). It also contains sodium citrate, which prevents the graying and dulling of your clothes: caused by hard water minerals binding to cloth fibers. Active oxygen, also in this detergent, lifts stains and removes tough dirt. This detergent is also a blend of vegetable surfactants and is a safe protein-neutralizing agent that gets the dirt and stains out. ‘Vegetable’ doesn’t mean it’s wimpy, just that it works naturally and very well without the need for chemicals.

This terrific detergent does NOT contain perfumes, dyes, enzymes, petroleum distillates, phosphates, silicates, caustics, volatile organic compounds, glycol ethers, terpenes, tannic acids, dyes, alcohol or fragrance and is also free of bacterial enzymes such as bacillus subtilis or xylanase, both of which are connected to triggering asthma.

A clear, golden liquid, with a faint fragrance to it, it really cleans! I mean it! It cleans just as well as a ‘natural’ powder that I was using that left rings of powder in our clothes, and it cleans just as well as the chemical-laden detergents I used to use.Our clothes are a little softer and less wrinkled with this detergent: sheets and pillowcases seem smoother, and everything is very fresh and clean. The white plastic bottle is a quart size and it only takes 1-4 ounces per load depending on the size and how dirty it is. This product is also available in a gallon size.

Every time I put another load in the washer now I can picture all those dust mites going to their final demise, and I like that! Allergy sufferer or not, I can’t imagine that you want to share your bed or home with dust mites, molds and pollens, anymore than me!

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