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Organic Honey

Organic Honey
Blue Borage


I just put down my spoon from tasting this honey and MMMMMmmmmmm is my reaction. Know the flavor of hot toast, oozing with creamy butter and topped off with a cool drizzle of honey? This Organic Blue Borage has that entire flavor right on the spoon! Thick, coat your lips and stay in your mouth goodness that ever so slowly melts away, this is not your everyday honey. The fragrance is like smelling a field of flowers on the wind and is an enjoyable preliminary to the rich, lingering taste.

The container is an unbreakable clear plastic 18-ounce jar, so it’s safe when you reach for it again and again with sticky fingers. The label has a charming colored pencil sketch of a blue borage flower edging a sketch of the blue flower covered hills of New Zealand. This is a very, very satisfying honey, and I didn’t have to even get the toaster out!

When I turn this jar upside down, the air bubble takes a long, long time to finally get to the top. This is about as thick as honey can get, and its thickness stays in your mouth longer for more enjoyment. The color is amber showing that there is a lot going on with the flavor intensity. Click here to learn more about how to test your honey for quality.

New Zealand, in my opinion, has to be one of the cleanest environments for man, beast and bee. Raw, organic honey from New Zealand is going to be about as pure as you can find. Remember that this is raw honey, meaning that all its nutrients are still intact and coming from a pristine area, the nutrients have to be plentiful in this honey. Honey has been used medicinally to slather on cuts, but I just want to keep dipping my spoon into this one. As a change of pace from maple syrup, this has to be thick, sweet heaven on pancakes. An outstanding and rare honey, you will love this rich, organic, Blue Borage.

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