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32 Bean and 8-Vegetable Soup

Dehydrated Mixed Vegetables
North Bay Trading Co.


We love vegetables, but we hate preparing them: cleaning, cutting, dicing and slicing. We love vegetables, but are not fond of canned or frozen…even though they don’t take much preparation. So, we have a ….oops, HAD a dilemma until just recently!

Now we have these super delicious, already cleaned, already cut up veggies that make eating vegetables easy! Yahoo!! They’re dehydrated so that they last and last and don’t get mushy and old like regular vegetables. No, no…don’t turn up your nose at the thought of dehydration. All dehydration does is take out the water. It leaves in the nutrients as well as the flavor…and these dehydrated vegetables are SOOOO easy to fix!

Soak one part veggies with three parts water for 15 minutes. Simmer 5-10 minutes. That’s all you have to do. Then, toss them with pasta and a great grated cheese, put them in a casserole, soup or stew, or season them with real butter and roasted garlic. The number of ways to use these already prepared vegetables is only limited by your imagination! How about in a spaghetti sauce, or layered between lasagna noodles? How about in a freshly roasted chicken soup? Mix some in cream cheese with some zingy seasonings and create a vivid dip or spread!

As the ½ -pound resealable package is tough, but light, this is the perfect way to take vegetables on a camping trip. Of course, this is also the perfect addition to your pantry: a way to keep lots of ‘already prepared’ vegetables handy for use any time of year.

Wait till you open the package! It’s like fresh vegetables that have been steamed just enough to release their green and fragrant aroma. Wait till you taste the vegetables! These are not mushy, mealy or pale renditions of vegetables, these are al dente, full of color and flavor.

Another great thing about dehydrated vegetables is that a little makes a lot. One cup of dehydrated vegetables will make at least four cups of re-hydrated vegetables. What kind? Carrots, onions, whole kernel sweet corn, celery, green beans, leeks, green bell peppers and red bell peppers: filled with vitamins A, C and potassium.

So, if you like vegetables but dislike all the tedious cutting, slicing, chopping, cleaning and dicing…then shake out as many already washed, cut, sliced, chopped and diced vegetables as you need, and just add water! Great flavor, great texture, great idea!

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