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Decaf Swiss Water

Java Juice Swiss Water Decaf
Java Juice

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Java Juice Liquid Coffee Extract
The co-owner of Java Juice tells us what Java Juice is, how it is made and packaged so that you can take the very best coffee in the world with you anywhere!

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I love coffee…but caffeine doesn’t love me! I’m a caffeine wimp: I get jittery and my heart beats faster with even most decaf coffee.

Now, my heart beats faster not because of caffeine, but because I can FINALLY drink a GREAT cup of coffee with tons of flavor and none of the side effects! Yowie, this coffee is great and I’m on my third jitter-free cup to prove it!

Caffeine wimp or not, this decaf java has all the terrific flavor and convenience of the original Java Juice Extract. Just because it is Swiss Water treated doesn’t mean that it is wishy-washy! This coffee has FLAVOR…and all without caffeine!

You are going to LOVE the convenience of this packet. Trust me, once you rip, drip and then sip, you will turn up your nose at the ‘big bucks’ stand in line, drink chemicals and preservatives kind of coffee. All you need to do is to pop this .5-ounce packet into your pocket, purse or pack, and rain or shine, hot water or cold, you have coffee!

This handy little pack can withstand 190 lbs of pressure! Yep, throw it on the floor, squeeze it into your loaded briefcase or suitcase, wedge it into your backpack and scrabble for it in your glove compartment or at the bottom of your filing cabinet. This packet will not leak. No, this is not powdered coffee, but a pure, organic, liquid essence of coffee.

Liquid essence? Yep! The brilliant creator of this elixir is a master roaster. He designed a specialized machine that takes his secret blend of freshly roasted coffee beans and presses their ‘oh so marvelous’ essence out of them: drop by drop. The result is a concentrated liquid coffee that is smooth, flavorful and convenient. Just add hot or cold water or milk and enjoy the best of the best in decaf organic, fair trade, triple filtered water coffee!

Now, for those who want to make up for all that lost time in not being able to drink coffee because of the caffeine, you can also use this coffee essence in brownie mixes, cookie batter, waffle or pancake mixes…even alcoholic beverages! If you LOVE coffee, but not caffeine, THIS is the packet to purchase!

Perfect packaging, fabulous flavor, crazily and creatively convenient…this decaf coffee essence is PURE ZING!

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