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Dairy Free & Sugar Free Organic Hot Chocolate

Dairy Free & Sugar Free Organic Hot Chocolate

We love dairy, but you may not. We love the ummmmm factor of fresh from the cow and farm milk. Some of you don’t want to get near cow products, but like us dairy lovers, you still want that rich and creamy sensation that only dairy can give. Can you have rich and creamy hot chocolate and not have a cow anywhere nearby? Can hot chocolate have that mmmmmm factor without a drop of cow milk in it?

As if that is not enough to make you go mmmmm, this hot chocolate is also sugar free. So, can you be cow/dairy free, sugar free and still have GREAT hot chocolate???? That was our question and we were hot on the chocolate trail of solving the mystery for you. What a tough job…but someone has to brave the unknown in search of great hot chocolate!

Our team put our hot chocolate requirements into a definite order. FIRST it had to be super chocolaty! We mean it had to be rich, dark, deeply chocolate down to your toes chocolaty! Next, it had to be creamy and smooth like liquid chocolate pudding with whipped cream and thick marshmallows all rolled into one. Next, it had to have just enough sweetness to make you feel decadent and sinful, without tasting like kid’s hot chocolate. We mean, there’s SOPHISTICATED hot chocolate, and then there’s the wimpy sweet kid’s stuff!

Our mission, since we chose to accept it was to try this dairy and sugar free hot chocolate in as many ways as we could and to see if we could tell the difference in the quality of this product versus its full dairy, full sugar sister product - Organic Dark Hot Chocolate.
Was it chocolaty down to the toes? Hmmmm, the fragrance of the powder is rich and bittersweet. Lots of deep chocolate fragrance and the color is medium dark hinting more of a high quality chocolate than bargain basement chocolate. With hot water in one cup, hot milk in another, we did a side by side taste test. WOW! Were we surprised!!! The chocolate flavor was supreme.

This is NOT your wimpy-kid’s-cheap-milk -chocolate flavor. This IS (water or not!) a full, bittersweet, adult, sophisticated hot chocolate experience that will have your toes curling in chocolate happiness. Of course we liked the milk version better (told you we were cow lovers!), BUT, the hot water version was absolutely delicious and we all agreed that not one of us would turn it down if cows were to disappear from the face of the earth! Now we have to acknowledge that most of you would rather put in hemp, rice, or even almond milk to achieve that creamy consistency that a fabulous hot chocolate is known for…and we are here to tell you that you will get that rich and creamy experience with THIS product. If its outstanding with hot water….what will it be like with almond, rice or hemp milk? Incredible!! Almond, rice and hemp milk have never tasted so good!

Now, we know that you are waiting with bated breath for the last part of the equation. Is this sugar free version good? Drum roll……..YES! No chemical sugar wannabe ingredient that leaves a weird aftertaste….just a mild sweetness that does not overpower the outstanding chocolate taste. While this is low on sweetness, our team members preferred it that way: some of us like it less sweet and were glad that it was not cloying, while others added some stevia to customize the sweetness level and were in hot chocolate heaven.

The can has a ‘snap the lid back on’ plastic top and covers a generous 10-ounce container that makes lots and lots of stupendous hot chocolate! Just for you skeptics, here is the ingredient list (you will notice that there are no cows in it!): organic erythritol ( a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruit and other foods), organic cocoa, organic maltodextrin and organic guar gum. Each container has twenty 1- Tablespoon servings and the calories only amount to a paltry 20! Vegan and vegetarian this is as close as you are ever going to get to a full dairy, full sugar ultra hot chocolate experience…without the cow or sugar!

Well, there is actually another standard here….and the results are amaZing. Everyone on the team reaches for this just as much as they do with the full dairy and full sugar sister product. This product is rich and deeply chocolate and makes a truly delicious mug or cup of hot chocolate. That’s all any of us really care about right? That’s Pure Zing!


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