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English Toffee with Almonds

English Toffee with Almonds
Rushburn Toffee

There is no getting around the fact that when you want candy, you want it! In light of that, Pure Zing has found a candy that is almost addictive, but is made with as many pure ingredients as can be, so that you can feel just that little less guilty as you indulge. The ingredients are sugar, butter, almonds, semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, corn syrup and natural mixed tocopherols.

Now we know that you see the word toffee, but what you have to know is this is like a brittle that has been covered in chocolate and almond pieces and then hand broken. What you get is a delightful mélange: some plain toffee brittle, some plain chocolate pieces that have broken off the brittle, some pieces of almonds, chocolate and almonds, brittle and chocolate: and every permutation and combination in between!

There are tiny nibbles, satisfying chews, and the discovery of some large nuggets that will make your eyes close with pleasure. No dip into either of the foil packets inside will ever garner the same result: each time you reach in, your hand pulls out a different size piece or combination.

The semisweet chocolate is perfect with the almonds, and the toffee has just the right amount of chewy salty-sweetness to compliment both of them. Everyone on our team loved the foil packets that allowed you to open one, but not all the toffee, keeping the remaining fresh. Trouble was, there was nothing remaining!

The silver box with the elegant label that starts in the middle of the top and goes around the side and onto the bottom to seal the box, is distinctive. It contains two foil packets. You can open both and put the contents in a dish, or you can take a packet with you somewhere for a solo indulgence. Either way, the toffee, chocolate, almond combination is rich and satisfying…


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