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Gourmet Fudge Bar

Gourmet Fudge Bar
John Kelly Chocolates

Stunning!  The presentation is absolutely stunning: an elegant bronze milk chocolate-colored box is tied with a dark chocolate-colored ribbon and embellished with brown and gold lettering.

Decadent! That is the experience when you open even one of the four, 2-ounce pieces of fudge…thick, rich and delightfully, more than a mouthful. The four flavors that we tasted were Chocolate with Walnuts, Chocolate without Nuts, Vanilla with Walnuts and Dark Chocolate with Walnuts.

Chocolate with Walnuts is a 2-ounce chunk of smooth, rich fudge, with large pieces of walnuts, all dredged in a thick chocolate coating. This is medium sweet fudge, and so smooth that it is like silk, melting in your mouth.

Chocolate without Nuts is medium sweet fudge, smooth and creamy like a rich, dense truffle. Covered in semi-sweet chocolate, there are no nuts: nothing to get in the way of the meltingly incredible pure chocolate experience!

Vanilla with Walnuts fudge has a toffee/beige colored filling that contrasts beautifully with the ¼-inch thick chocolate coating. This is the sweetest truffle fudge of the box, with an almost cherry flavor and is decorated with a lazy chocolate drizzle on the top.

Dark Chocolate with Walnuts is a decadent dark chocolate coating over a dark chocolate truffle fudge that is studded with pieces of walnut. This is the least sweet of the box and for a chocolate lover; this is a rich, low-key deep chocolate experience.

None of us had ever tasted fudge this smooth, this rich, dense and creamy. Each piece is handmade, covered in chocolate and looks and tastes like perfection. This fudge is aptly named truffle fudge, but we loved the fact that each piece is twice as big as any truffle that we have seen: more to enjoy! The ingredients are sugar, evaporated milk, butter, semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate, walnuts, chocolate liquor, corn syrup, salt and natural vanilla flavor: almost like moms…but better! Unbelievably better!

Beautiful enough to give as a gift, indulgent enough to treat yourself to, this is an amazing way to experience fudge. There are four assortments to choose from and each box contains four flavors. So much fudge, and so little time! Better get started soon…


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