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Wise Woman Toner
Wise Woman Toner
Garden of Eve Skincare


When you wash your face, your skin pH is changed by the water you use and even the cleanser that you use. More than likely, your face is more acid after you have washed it. Why do you need to know this? Because while your skin is working hard for several hours to get back to its normal, lovely and comfortable pH, your skin will not be able to fully benefit from any moisturizer that you put on it.

There is a simple and fragrant solution though! When you spritz this hydrosol toner on, it restores the normal pH of your skin right away! So…’tone’ your skin (restore its pH) and THEN apply your moisturizer. Voila! Your skin drinks up the moisturizer and gets all the ‘bennies’ immediately.

Toner is also soothing and has its own hydration qualities. Because of this, use it to set your makeup and spritz your face throughout the day to add a moist look and feel without oils. In a 2-ounce spritz top bottle, this little gem is easy to stow in a purse, backpack or briefcase…and is a boon to have on board a plane where the dry air wreaks such havoc on your complexion. No matter the season or location, your skin will love the feel of this refreshing and soothing mist.

We love hydrosols! They are the very essence of flowers obtained through a steam distillation process. Hydrosols are fragrant and naturally contain the benefits of the flowers that they came from. This bottle contains selected steam distilled hydrosols of organic and wild crafted Rose, Neroli, Cistus, Witch Hazel and Carrot seed. The fragrance is almost like a perfume, but it’s all natural without harmful synthetics!

If you’ve never used toners before, give this hydrosol a try! Light, lovely, fragrant and soooo beneficial to your skin: you will reach for it throughout the day as a skin refresher: Zing!

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