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Liplovers Lip Balm
Liplovers Lip Balm
Kabana Skin Care

Erik Kreider introduces the Kabana Skin Care line. Erik Kreider pursued undergrad and graduate research in biology and biochemistry and worked in dermatology and drug development for 5 years once out of Stanford medicine before developing the all pure Kabana Skin Care line using unique chemical-free ingredients. Click here to listen.

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Some balms are waxy, some are light and slick, and this one is thick and rich. Made for people who are outdoors a lot, this balm gives you the feeling that it will last through a snowstorm, a snorkeling excursion and a high altitude climb.

The ingredients chosen are the best available, plus they are formulated in a way that does not change or compromise their moisturizing and healing attributes. Shea butter, lanolin, bees wax, natural flavor, vegetable vitamin E form a thick emollient that not only protects your lips with a soft, moisturizing barrier, but heals your lips if they are already cracked and dry.

Created by an ex pharmaceutical scientist, who was tired of using inferior and toxic chemicals in body products, he kept his approach simple: use the best, don’t overprocess, and only use what is needed to do the job. The texture of this cream colored balm is thick and rich and is available in no flavor, or 10 natural flavors for those who want their balm sweeter.

Both the men and women on our team love this product. It’s more heavy duty, but exactly what you need if you’re out in the elements. This balm stays on, feels good, and softens your lips. In a convenient stick, this balm can be tossed in a pack, will stay waterproof in a dive bag and will even tuck neatly in a briefcase or purse. Good, simple ingredients that really do the job.

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