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Solay Detox Face Mask

Solay Detox Face Mask
Solay Wellness

Ever heard of Bentonite clay? This is a clay that PULLS toxins out of your skin! Calcium Bentonite clay absorbs many times its weight in toxins, making this one of the most detoxifying clays around! As if the Bentonite clay is not enough, this clay is moistened into a thick paste with So-lay concentrate: a concentration of Himalayan Crystal salt in pure water. Solay is FILLED with skin enriching minerals that cleanse, moisturize and heal. What a product: Calcium Bentonite clay and Solay are combined to create a face mask that will soak up toxins while it replaces moisture and minerals that your skin has lost to the elements. This is a powerful mask!

This thick clay is smooth and dense and the composition is so minute that it can really get deep into your skin to pull out impurities. Apply this product thickly and let it dry for 10-20 minutes and then rinse…and your skin will be clear and refreshed. It goes on dark …and slowly dries. As it dries, it lightens. As it lightens, it pulls toxins out of your skin.

This mask dries hard. It is not a creamy or pliable mask. If there are any dark splotches of clay on your face after 20 minutes, continue to let the mask dry thoroughly, allowing it to finish pulling toxins from your skin.

In the shower or over the sink, splash your face with warm water and the mask will dissolve. If any of the mud remains and is hard to get off, that shows that it is still working at pulling out toxins: you may need to use a washcloth to remove all of it.

Pat your face dry and feel the difference: it should glow with circulation, feel toned, slightly tighter and firmer and feel baby butt soft! If you skin is oily, this is a mask that you can use every other day. If your skin is sensitive, this can be used once a week. Every time you use this mask, it will put out more impurities, leaving your skin cleaner and clearer: enriched with minerals and moisture.

This is a deep cleansing mask, not some frou-frou mask with a great fragrance but no cleansing power. THIS mask really cleans your skin! Treat yourself to this 4-ounce jar often and the result will be Pure Zing: a glowing and clear complexion.

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