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All Purpose Cleaner

Baby Belongings All-Purpose Cleaner
Seaside Naturals

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What a terrific idea! Made from filtered water, organic castile soap, and a mixture of pure essential oils, this is made to clean things that come in contact with your baby, or that your baby has come into contact with.

A 4-ounce spray top bottle is a small enough size to fit into a diaper bag, or tuck into a kitchen or bathroom drawer, a stroller compartment…or even in the car.

Did your baby drip formula on the car seat? Spritz with this product and blot or wipe. Need to wash your baby’s hands after a messy meal on the road and there is no water nearby? Spray sticky fingers with this product. Did a toy drop on a wet sidewalk or is the tray on the stroller dirty from dribbles? Spray with this gentle and non-toxic portable wash, and dirt is cleaned from just about any surface that your little one comes into contact with.

This is a perfect size to take with you just about anywhere. No more sticky, dribbly, drooly messes. No more wondering how to clean the pacifier that bounced down the steps of the mall. This soft plastic, cobalt blue bottle will always be at your rescue. Not super soapy, this faintly fragranced liquid has just enough soap to clean, but does not leave a sticky soapy residue behind.

Created by a mother for use with her own children, this is an inspired product that every mother should have within reach for the first five years…(maybe eighteen)…of her child’s life. After that, they can get their own bottle!

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