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What’s your perspective on foods, organic, the latest health news, toxins, DIY recipes? Add your comments to our Pure|Spectives Blog

From great giveaway offers to new insights into your health, our blog is informative, engaging, and entertaining!

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EarthPaste Did you know that many types of toothpaste are toxic and harmful to our health?

Painmaster Are you dreading shoveling the snow because of the back ache it brings on that just won’t quit? Read more...

Bee Pollen Bee pollen is considered a "super food". In fact Bee Pollen contains nearly every element humans need for survival and is one of the most nutrient rich foods on the planet. Read more...

Skinny Pasta Skinny Pasta is high fiber, low calorie, gluten free, salt free, and zero net carb pasta!

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Teeccino is a coffee experience. You get the feel and experience without any downside. Read more...

We Love This!

Organic food and products

A nutritious diet, an environmentally friendly home, and the use of natural and organic products in all facets of life are the most important choices the consumer can make for their health and that of their family.

Consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of organic and natural living, not only in terms of their own health, but also in terms of sustaining the environment and the health of our planet.

Study after study has revealed that organic and natural foods contain considerably more nutrients than anything produced using chemicals. Additionally, studies have proven that foods, body products and cleaning products that contain carcinogens and toxic substances are responsible for diseases such as cancer.

Get set for the Festive Season with these great products ranging from yummy items to serve the guests, items to brighten up your home, and luxurious body products to give as presents, or to keep for yourself to help with recuperating after the guests all go home!

  Body Items
Veil Fluid Make-Up by Hourglass Cosmetics

Veil Fluid Make-Up, by Hourglass Cosmetics
Flawless perfect looking skin with a no make-up, make up look. Sheer and natural, yet still gives good coverage. Lots of compliments. Read more...

Neck and Shoulder Rub, by Natures Inventory

Neck and Shoulder Rub, by Natures Inventory
Right now, as you read this article, take a moment and check in with your neck and shoulders. How do they feel? Are they sore? Read more...

Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream

Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream with Shea Butter by Upper Canada Soap, 5oz tube
TOTAL ADDICTION. Leaves dewy moisturized skin without greasy feel. Wrinkles and creepy skin vanish almost instantly. Read more...

Wrinkle Warrior

5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen by Suntegrity
I love the get up and go component of the NON TOXIC BB cream. I slap the on the anti aging moisturizing cream and I am out the door with a light coverage, chemical free UVA and UVB SPF 30 and with a fresh clean look... Read more...

Wrinkle Warrior

Wendy the Herbalist Wrinkle Warrior
Winter can be rough on all of us -- whether you're looking to soften your elbows, freshen your skin, or smooth out a few of the wrinkles, Wrinkle Warrior will help you look your best over the winter season. Wow! Read more...

Foot Scrub

Khushi Spa Foot Scrub
All that holiday shopping can leave you tired, aching, and sore. But this Foot Scrub will help you heal! For a professional-strength treatment and all-natural ingredients, turn to Kushi Spa. With sweet almond oil for glide and softening this is a super foot scrub that only quits when you do. Read more...

Ferro Cosmetics Glow Mineral Bronzers

Ferro Cosmetics Glow Mineral Bronzers
Forget the expensive holiday, don't dare get into that tanning bed, and don't bother paying the money for streaky creams! If you want the appearance of healthy-looking color, you can have it with a flick of a fluffy brush and some good-for-you mineral makeup! Read more...

Path to Perfect Health Stress Essential Oil Blend

Path to Perfect Health Stress Essential Oil Blend
Let's face it -- the holiday season isn't all smiles, laughter, and joy -- it's also stressful!! Need some relief? We recommend this blend of Vetiver, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Lavender oils for a soothing and destressing result. Even better... they also make oils for headache relief, sleep aids, and emotional support! Be sure to check out this oil and our others on offer. Read more...


Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Mist Sanitizer
Hi everyone today I'm going to be reviewing a Cosmetic Mist Sanitizer from Beauty So Clean. Now you might be saying why do I need a cosmetic mist sanitizer? Read more...


Hi everyone, okay it's that time again. Now you know I'm into a healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t be on the site if I were not. For me it's about mind, body and Spirit. It is about what we put on our skin and what we put in our body. Even our toothpastes. Read more...


Are you dreading shoveling the snow because of the back ache it brings on that just won’t quit? Or a painful knee that has been messing with your golf swing? Or a chronic nagging pain in your joints or muscles? Is there a drug free solution out there that really works? Read more...

  Food Items
Mackie’s of Scotland, Potato Chips Mackie’s of Scotland,
Potato Chips

Clean tasting, not greasy. You taste the Potato Chip, not the oil. Cooked with High Oleic Sunflower Oil. If you want to have a potato chip, a healthier alternative than what is on the market, then Mackie’s of Scotland is the chip for you. Read more...
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Cookies,
by Chunkie Dunkies

Being a product reviewer does have its benefits, especially in the cookie department. So reviewing Chunkie Dunkies is music to my tummy. Read more...
Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownie by Chunkie Dunkies Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownie,
by Chunkie Dunkies

Love at first bite! Probably the most decadent, richest chocolate brownie I have ever eaten. Read more...
Chocolate Chip Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies Chocolate Chip Cookies,
by Chunkie Dunkies

Love at first bite! Can’t stop eating them. You would never know these cookies are healthy, they are that good. Read more...
Cashew Lemon Cream Cookies by Chunkie Dunkies Cashew Lemon Cream Cookies,
by Chunkie Dunkies

Love at first bite! Can’t stop eating them. You would never know these cookies are healthy, they are that good. Read more...
Hottie, Chili and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, by Zazubean Organic Superfood Chocolate Hottie, Chili and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate,
by Zazubean Organic Superfood Chocolate

Everything you are looking for in an organic chocolate bar: great rich chocolate taste, good for the growers, good for the planet and good for you. Read more...
Holy Crap Skinny B Breakfast Cereal,by Holy Crap
Rocket Fuel! Clean breakfast cereal for those who want a sugar free jump start to their day with an organic, non GMO healthy fiber and protein rich cereal that leaves you with a full feeling that lasts longer than lunch. Read more...
Pumpkin Butter Vermont Harvest Pumpkin Butter
Very sophisticated and not overly sweet, this is for spicy pumpkin pie lovers who can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Read more...
Original Cranberry Sauce Wild Thymes Original Cranberry Sauce
A touch of cranberry to accompany our main dish just brings home that taste of the holiday season. In this Cranberry Sauce you'll find this recipe is a perfect balance of fresh cranberries, sugar, fresh raspberries, whole oranges and lemons -- with a sublime result! Read more...
English Toffee with Almonds 3-Ounce Gift Box

Rushburn Toffee English Toffee with Almonds 3-Ounce Gift Box 
This charming box contains just enough toffee to satisfy your craving… or sweetly express that you are thinking of someone else. Put out the box when the guests arrive, or bring it along with you to any party you may have coming up this season! Read more...

Java Juice Extract Java Juice Organic Java Juice Extract
Whether you're expecting a lot of guests, or if it's just yourself struggling to get your morning coffee while being run wild by the kids, these convenient packets of 100% organic Arabica coffee will help get you going in the morning! You’ll never want to be without it again! Read more...
Bee Pollen
Mother Nature! She is absolutely fabulous. You know why? Because she has provided her peeps, you and me and everyone around the world everything we need to live a healthy long and strong life. That's why I'm reviewing this next product which is called Dutchman Gold Pure Bee Pollen. Read more...
Peppermint Breath Tonic
Halitosis... otherwise known as bad breath! I bet that has never happened to you!! NEVER!! And of course I have NEVER had breath! That is something that usually happens to everyone else, like diarrhea. But maybe you know someone who does have bad breath or who has bad breath. Read more...
Skinny Pasta Skinny Pasta
Right now I'm going to be reviewing Skinny Pasta Linguine. Now "skinny pasta", that sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it because skinny and pasta really don't go hand-in-hand. That's the reason why I gave up pasta and probably why you did too is because pasta is filled with short chain carbohydrates which leads to a puffy, rounded tummy! Read more...
How many of you love coffee? I know I do. How many of you would like to cut down or give up caffeine? Without giving up in the taste or experience? I know I do. Read more...
  Home Items
Antonia’s Turn, Grande Tin Candle

Antonia’s Turn, Grande Tin Candle by OWP, Objects with Purpose
WE all love candles and the intimacy, ambiance and light they create. The downside is not all candles are created equal. Have you ever walked into someone’s home and been assaulted by the nauseating sickly sweet scent of a burning candle? Read more...

Lana Red Organic Goose

Oompa Lana Red Organic Goose
This little organic toy makes for the perfect eco-conscious gift! No plastics, no chemicals, no pesticides or herbicides used on the materials, this organic toy is supremely safe around all babies and children. Read more...

Universal Stone

Universal Stone Universal Stone
Need to get the house sparkling before the holiday season? Get a hold of a Universal Stone! For all your chrome, stainless steel, silver, crystal, your sinks, tubs, tile floors, granite counter tops, pans, dishes, etc etc etc there doesn't seem to be much that this paste can't handle! No hard rubbing. No hard polishing. NO elbow grease! Read more...

Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets
Pure Integrity Soy Candles Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets
Whether you want to create a lovely atmosphere at home, or you're looking for an attractive gift for a friend or neighbour, these Candle Gifts Sets create a gorgeous and dramatic presentation and they contain unbelievably aromatic candles! Read more...
Organic Cotton and Wool Comforters No Feathers Please Organic Cotton and Wool Comforters
Keep yourself cozy this winter with a 100% Organic comforter! Once you touch a comforter like this, once you sleep under or on a comforter like this… you just can’t go back to the synthetic ones: there is NO comparison! Read more...
  Living Items
The Stick, by Intracell Technology
The Stick, by Intracell Technology
The stick is a self massage device designed to give your muscles all the benefits that you would get from visiting a massage therapist of physiotherapist. By using The Stick on a daily basis (like brushing your teeth) you will achieve a higher level of fitness and overall well being. Read more...
Daily Soup Cookbook
Daily Soup Cookbook, Leslie Kaul
You'll never get bored of soup this winter if you have this book in your kitchen! From Yucatan Chicken Lime to Wild Mushroom barley, Chicken Matzoh Ball to Mexican Tortilla soup, you'll be delighted to work your way through the book over the course of winter. Read more...
Everyday Energy Healing CD
Heart of Healing Everyday Energy Healing CD  
If you find yourself affected by the shorter and darker days, and have a difficult time getting the energy to make it through the depths of winter, this is the CD for you! You will be guided in how to sense energy, use your hands for healing and how to give a chakra balancing. Read more...
Stretch and Strengthen Fusion Fitness Workout 
Wailana Stretch and Strengthen Fusion Fitness Workout 
As we head towards the holiday season and the New Year, we tend to turn our attention to getting healthy -- so here's a great way to start! Eight exercises, each based on Pilates, Yoga and Resistance Training, target your abs, legs, arms, back, posture, balance, flexibility and joints. Read more...
How To Create Better Health CD
Carol Tuttle How To Create Better Health CD
Let's make a resolution to take the time to get healthy! On this CD you'll discover an amazingly simple, but powerful technique that allows your body to do what it really wants to do: be healthy! Read more...


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